Category Topics

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Verax Improvement Proposals

This category for discussion and review of Verax Improvement Proposals (VIPs).

Issuer Onboarding

This category is for new issuers to onboard onto the registry. If you are a dapp / DAO / protocol that wishes to issue attestations into the registry, submit an onboarding request in this category for the existing stakeholders to review. Once you have onboarded as an issuer and successfully completed an integration with Verax, you will be eligible to review and vote on issuer onboarding requests.

Research and Development

This is a category for posts related to research and development. It is intended for individuals and teams to collaborate on research. Posts can include open research questions, as well research findings and proposals.

Requests for Attestations

This is a category for posts that request attestation data. Requests for attestations are open requests to the community for data that you would find useful. While submitting a request doesn’t guarantee that anyone will be in a position to source the attestation data, it allows attestation issuers to see the demand for attestations from the community, and potentially respond with issuing those attentions into the registry.

General Information

This is a read only category that contains relevant documentation and information on governance in general and on the forum.