About the Research and Development category

This is a category for posts related to research and development. It is intended for individuals and teams to collaborate on research. Posts can include open research questions, as well research findings and proposals.

This category is intended for working discussions and collaboration, so please keep posts to serious research only.

Examples of potential topics code include:

  • How does a user now how much their attestations are worth, where can they use it, and what for?
  • Censorship resistance vs. privacy
  • Cross-chain attestation/reputation composability
  • How AI / LLMs can leverage on-chain attestations
  • How do reputation protocols broadcast a request for attestations? (RFAs)
  • How do you bridge off-chain data storage / off-chain attestations, with on-chain discoverability?
  • Voting and governance of DAOs by leveraging reputation
  • How do you create an Attestation Manifest (i.e. specify what composition(s) of attestations a verifying party requires and what additional criteria / constraints they have, but in a standard way)
  • How does an issuer qualify an attestation in a standardized way (e.g. “I attest to X, but only so long as it’s used for Y purpose”)
  • How can an issuer receive payments as its attestations are consumed?

These are just indicative examples, but the problem space is open-ended!