Progress update

This post aims at providing an update to the recent progress of the development as well as next steps. For changes that are already underway, a full changelog can be found on the GitHub repository but let me provide a summary of the key updates and changes here:

Upcoming VIP to improve the protocol

  • Modules V2: additional fields attester and portal can be added in the function calling the Modules to provide extra context. This change offers higher flexibility to build more complex use cases, such as dynamic sender validation, which no longer needs to be hardcoded in the Module. No changes will be required for Modules already deployed but we should plan deprecation of the previous Module interface after a few month
  • Permissionless testnet: remove the allow listing for issuers to make it easier for people to start experimenting with Verax


  • The SDK can now fully decode attestation payloads, which is reflected on the Explorer
  • The SDK simulates the transactions before sending them on-chain to avoid reverts
  • The SDK makes it possible to issue payable attestations
  • The SDK has been optimised to reduce the number of RPC calls needed to fetch attestation
  • The Explorer can display more items to improve readability
  • The Explorer can now display attestations from all networks
  • The Subgraph can now decode payload directly, making data easier to query
  • The Verax core contracts are now available as an npm dependency, enabling anyone to build custom Portals and Modules
  • The documentation has been updated to reflect changes mentioned above and improved with new hello-world tutorials
  • Various bugs have been fixed

New deployments

  • Verax has been deployed on Base, Base Sepolia and Arbitrum Nova
  • Testnets have been migrated to Sepolia-based network, progressively deprecating all Goerli-based networks
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