New Issuer Onboarding Proposal Template

New Issuer Onboarding - {Issuer Name}

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Title: New Issuer Onboarding - {Issuer Name}

Type: New Issuer Onboarding


The Verax protocol governance is centered around principles of transparency, inclusivity, and fairness to avoid bureaucratic delays. This adaptive governance system allows the protocol to evolve and adapt rapidly within a dynamic ecosystem. This proposal encompasses a request for new issuer onboarding to the Verax Protocol as specified in the Verax governance documentation found here. As such, It will follow the socially accepted procedures outlined.

Proposal Summary

Provide a one-sentence summary of the proposal’s main objective and approach.

Provider Overview

Detail the issuer’s background, onboarding objectives, the expected timeline, the team involved, and benefits to the Verax community. Clarify the issuer’s role and how it aligns with Verax’s broader goals.

Provider Motivation

Explain the relevance and potential benefits of onboarding this issuer to Verax’s ecosystem. Briefly describe the use case for the attestations you will issue, and highlight how it addresses specific needs within the ecosystem.

Provider Integration Technical Considerations

Expected Timeline

  • Governance Vote: {date} (min. 2 days)
  • Deployment Target: {date} (min. 2 days)


Outline the technical details for your integration:

  • Design of the schemas you will use.
  • Whether there are any existing schemas you can re-use, or why similar ones aren’t suitable.
  • Briefly describe any new modules you want to register.
  • Specify which network(s) you are intending to issue to.

Conflict of Interest

Disclose any potential conflicts of interest or other pertinent disclosures that could influence the proposal’s integrity.

Next Steps

Outline the immediate actions and steps following the proposal’s submission, providing a clear roadmap for the issuer onboarding process.

References and Links

List all relevant sources, documents, and references that support your proposal and provide additional context.