Verax Improvement Proposal Template

Verax Improvement Proposal [VIP-#] - {title}

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Title: {insert title here}

Type: Verax Improvement Proposal


This proposal focuses on an upgrade to the Verax protocol, aligning with the governance principles of transparency, inclusivity, and fairness. As the Verax governance documentation specifies, the improvement proposal process is designed to enhance the Verax ecosystem and follows established timelines.

Proposal Summary

One sentence summary of the proposal

Overview of Proposal

Detail the key elements of the upgrade proposal, including its objectives, projected timeline, the team responsible for implementation, and the anticipated benefits to the Verax community. This section should clearly and completely understand what the upgrade intends to achieve.


Explain the relevance and potential impact of the upgrade on Verax’s adoption and integration within the existing ecosystem. Highlight the specific enhancements or problem-solving capabilities the upgrade brings to Verax.

Technical considerations

Outline the technical aspects and requirements of executing the upgrade, discussing any challenges or specialized needs. This should provide a high-level view of the processes and technologies involved in the upgrade.

Expected Timeline

  • Governance Vote: {date} (min. 2 weeks from publishing proposal)
  • Deployment Target: Nov 21, 2023 (min. 1 week from start of voting period)

Design Considerations

Discuss the design aspects of the upgrade, encompassing the work to be done, implementation strategy, parties responsible for different aspects, and maintenance plans for the upgraded components.

Deployment Considerations

Describe the technical approach to implementing the upgrade. If you are not directly involved in the deployment, reference the core team responsible for these specifics.

Research Outcomes

Elaborate on the research and analysis underpinning the upgrade’s necessity and potential effectiveness. Include references to studies, data, or expert opinions that support the upgrade proposal.

Conflict of Interest

Disclose any potential conflicts of interest or other pertinent disclosures that could influence the proposal’s integrity.

Next Steps

Outline the immediate actions and steps after the proposal’s submission, providing a clear and actionable roadmap for the upgrade process.

References and Links

List all relevant sources, documents, and references that support your proposal and provide additional context.