New Chain Deployment Proposal

New Chain Deployment Proposal - Deploy Verax on {Chain}

Author[s]: @ Forum username

Title: Deploy Verax on {Insert Chain}

Type: Cross Chain Deployment Proposal


The Verax protocol governance is centered around principles of transparency, inclusivity, and fairness to avoid bureaucratic delays. This adaptive governance system allows the protocol to evolve and adapt rapidly within a dynamic ecosystem. This proposal encompasses a request for new chain deployment as specified in the Verax governance documentation found here. As such, It will follow the socially accepted procedures outlined.

Proposal Summary

One sentence summary of the proposal

Overview of Proposal

Detail the proposal’s core elements, including its objectives, projected timeline, the team responsible, and the expected benefits for the Verax community. This section should give a clear and comprehensive view of what the proposal intends to achieve.


Explain the proposal’s relevance and potential impact on Verax’s adoption and integration within the target ecosystem. Highlight the unique advantages of the proposed chain for Verax and the specific user needs or problems it addresses.

Technical considerations

Outline the technical aspects of deploying Verax, including any specific challenges or requirements. This section should give a high-level understanding of the technical processes involved in the deployment.

Expected Timeline

  • Governance Vote: {date} (min. 2 weeks from publishing proposal)
  • Deployment Target: {date} (min. 1 week from start of voting period)

Design Considerations

Discuss the design aspects of the project, including the work to be done, implementation strategy, responsible parties, and maintenance plans for the deployed system.

Deployment Considerations

Describe the technical approach to deploying the project. If you are not directly involved in the deployment, refer to the core team responsible.

Conflict of Interest

Disclose any potential conflicts of interest or other pertinent disclosures that could influence the proposal’s integrity.

Next Steps

Outline the immediate actions and steps following the proposal’s submission, providing a clear roadmap for subsequent phases.

References and Links

List all relevant sources, documents, and references that support your proposal and provide additional context.