Berachain Deployment Proposal

New Chain Deployment Proposal - Deploy Verax on Berachain

Author[s]: @Clique

Title: Deploy Verax on Berachain

Type: Cross Chain Deployment Proposal

Proposal Summary

We are proposing to launch Verax on berachain

Overview of Proposal

Berachain has recently garnered significant attention in the blockchain and gaming communities due to its innovative features and strong backing.

Berachain’s public testnet, Artio, has already seen considerable activity. The anticipated mainnet launch in Q2 promises further expansion and integration opportunities for dApps across various sectors, including gaming​​.


Leveraging Berachain for Verax’s gaming identity attestations capitalizes on Berachain’s high performance, EVM compatibility, and innovative consensus mechanism. This deployment could significantly reduce operational costs, improve transaction speeds, and enhance security for gaming identities, thereby accelerating Verax’s adoption and integration within the gaming ecosystem.

Technical considerations

Initially, the deployment will be to Berachain’s testnet artio. Following mainnet launch, we will deploy there subsequently.
Deploying Verax on Berachain will not require any additional technical difficulties to its EVM equivalency.

Design Considerations

No new Design considerations to take into account.

Deployment Considerations

The Subgraph indexer will use Goldsky.

Next Steps

Following the proposal vote, Clique will push a PR with the deployment of the smart contracts, subgraph and SDK, ready for review.


I am, of course, in favor of deploying Verax on new, promising networks!

Should we leverage a multisig wallet to ensure that this new deployment is secure from day one? It seems useful to avoid changing the ownership of the contracts afterwards.

As it appears that TheGraph is not yet compatible with Berachain, I support the idea of using Goldsky to index the data emitted by the contracts. Is there an associated cost with this indexing?

Hi @alain_ncls , @Ollie ,

Did you ever get to the bottom of whether there is an associated cost of using Goldsky on Berachain? I think this is really an implementation detail unless the cost is prohibitive, but it would be good to know.

also: I am definitely in favour of using a multisite from the start. I think this de-risks process substantially and is the prudent and responsible thing to do, so +1 for that idea.