Blast Deployment Proposal

New Chain Deployment Proposal: Deploy Verax on Blast

Author[s]: @0xScore

Title: Deploy Verax on Blast

Type: Cross-Chain Deployment Proposal

Proposal Summary

We propose to launch Verax on Blast.

Overview of the Proposal

Blast has gathered more than $1.5b in TVL even before the mainnet launch, which makes it one of the biggest chains in terms of TVL.

There are a lot of dapps with good potential who can use attestations for such use cases as gaming, yield farming, and many more.


Blast Ecosystem has a lot of Dapps that can implement Verax technology.

Also, it’s very easy to deploy Verax on Blast; however, the impact will be big as it should reduce the cost of identity protocols on Blast.

Technical considerations

Deployment will happen in the Blast Testnet and then be merged into the Blast mainnet once it’s launched.

There should not be any difficulties, as Blast is L2 and EVM compatible.

Design Considerations

There are no new design considerations to take into account.

Deployment Considerations

TheGraph supports blasts.

Next Steps

The 0xScore team will handle the deployment process if the proposal gets approved.

References and Links

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One quick technical note:

So we’d need an update on the subgraph config to handle that.

I just wanted to point out that a multisig contract owner was suggested for @Ollie’s proposal for the Berachain deployment, so I think the same should apply here (and to all deployments really). Is agreeable @serp1337 ?

Yeah, I am totally for the multisig contract

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